About company

Nabaa Al-Enjaz Comercial Company is authentic and ancient
With the help and success of God we started, and from the holy land of Makkah we set out and from the borders of the homeland we crossed, and to various parts of the earth we reached an origin that has roots, inheriting the experience of parents and grandparents keeping pace with the times in meeting the needs of different tastes, achieving achievements, leaving the brightest fingerprints.

Governmental projects

Proud Nabaal Enjaz Commercial Company  With its achievements in government projects that have contributed to the local development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Commercial projects

Our permanent partnership with the business sector and commercial projects from the establishment of large malls and commercial complexes in different parts of our dear country.

A word from the general manager

A word from the general manager:
Nabaa Al-Injaz Trading and Contracting Company is a limited liability company, and since we live in an era full of progress and creativity in all areas of theoretical and practical life, where the ways of success lie in the ability to interact with the values of knowledge and new ideas. The approach and values of our company are based on the group and the individuals working in it. Where innovation we strive to turn creative and innovative ideas into reality
Excellence and we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, based on our passion to achieve exceptional results

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