Nabaal Enjaz Commercial Company
A brand with a distinctive footprint in the world of commerce that encompasses all aspects of expertise and competence in commercial operations
Authenticity and heritage
We are working at an accelerated pace to achieve our goals and see our achievements Loyalty We strive to achieve our goals through mutual commitment Credibility We adhere to the highest ethical standards at the level of the group and individuals The team We appreciate emerging talents, stimulate energies and reward achievements

Accuracy in action

Nabaa Al-Enjaz Company is known for its high skill, accuracy, commitment, credibility and honesty, and this is reflected in the performance of its work in accordance with international standards for construction and the specifications set for it in terms of time, quantity, quality and cost, regardless of the size of the work and whatever the difficulties. All tasks assigned to it with high accuracy.

Necessary experience

Nabaa Al-Enjaz Company is an idea that appeared to the community as a limited liability company and made itself to contribute to the community service by providing the specialized commercial services it needs, so it became a beacon that it took upon itself an approach to contribute to reconstruction and development with its professional management capable of proper planning for project management And to provide the best services to its customers, and management aware of the needs of the market.

On schedule

Respect for time and commitment to it is one of the most important factors that helped our success and continuity. Challenging oneself is what made us always the focus of attention, and we always strive with everything we have to adhere to in order to gain the satisfaction of our customers and gain their confidence.

About company

Nabaa Al-Enjaz Comercial Company is authentic and ancient
With the help and success of God we started, and from the holy land of Makkah we set out and from the borders of the homeland we crossed, and to various parts of the earth we reached an origin that has roots, inheriting the experience of parents and grandparents keeping pace with the times in meeting the needs of different tastes, achieving achievements, leaving the brightest fingerprints.

The fountain of pioneering achievement

Our company has the largest share of its name in terms of employment and attracting the most efficient national talent and cadre that are compatible with the desires of Vision 2030

Commercial projects

Our permanent partnership with the business sector and commercial projects from the establishment of large malls and commercial complexes in different parts of our dear country.

Our vision

Our mission

Our Services

The beginning was in 2012, with the establishment of our first institutions, and with long contracts, we succeeded to become a company. It operates in six sectors and multiple fields, namely:

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Contracting and real estate sector

We are proud of our achievement in infrastructure projects, public facilities for buildings, and residential real estate fields that contribute to economic development

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Operation and maintenance management sector

Specialized in integrated and professional services and management to ensure quality and accuracy.

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Trade and industry sector

We serve our customers by working in the retail and wholesale trade of livestock and fresh fruits and import.

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Technology and communications sector

We provide prestigious technology, communications and information systems services to clients

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Food industry sector

We provide services in the food and subsistence industry by working in the retail sale of bakery products and sugary sweets.

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The entertainment and tourism sector

We work in domestic tourism, travel, hotel rental and transportation insurance.

Customers' Opinions